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Ed Light
January 14th 06, 04:08 AM
I set my K8 Winnie 3200+ to 8x in the bios and clocked at 240. On bootup
CrystalCPUID grabs it and varies it between 5x, 7x, and 10x.

If I lock it at 10x using Crystal, then start the AMD Calculator, it thinks
it's at 8x. It is apparently reading the bios setting, not the actual

BTW I boot at 8x because I let Crystal vary the voltage with speed, so I
have to have the voltage on auto in the bios, and if I booted overclocked
the cpu wouldn't have enough voltage to not make mistakes until Crystal
grabbed it. Crystal can only overvolt it a little to 1.45, but it's enough
for 240, where the value ram comes up from 166 to 200.
Ed Light

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