View Full Version : FX5700U3 Info

January 11th 06, 11:36 AM
Hello all
Is there someone who can give some info please.
Running dual boot WXP and W98se, XP no problems, also running DirectX 9.0b.
Did try Detonator drivers 52.16 53.04 56.55 66.94 71.84 77.72 81.85
The best one is 71.84.
Changed Detonator settings, different Via drivers, no joy
The problem I have is with my Marine Aquarium screen saver, the drivers
5x.xx show the colors just fine.
But plenty of games do not work or work wrong.
With drivers 71.84 and up all games work fine, but no colors in my aquarium.
Is there anyone who can shed some light on this funny fault?
Thank you very much