View Full Version : Mouse incompatible or faulty PS2 port?

January 8th 06, 12:40 PM
have a Labtec optical USB/PS2 mouse and a Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939 m/b. If I
use the mouse on the PS2 port it doesn't work and stops the PS2 keyboard
working as well.
No error messages, no problems showing in Device Manager, it simply doesn't
work and there is no light on it.
If I use it on USB port it works perfectly.
Tried a different USB/PS2 adapter.
Tried an old 2 button PS2 mouse which works OK.
Tried deleting PS2 mouse from Device Manager and re-booting, doesn't work.
Tried both generic Windows and Labtec mouse drivers.
Updated BIOS and chipset drivers.
I would like to free up the USB port for other uses.
Is there anything else I can try?
Is it likely the mouse and m/b are incompatible?
Is it likely the PS2 port is faulty, m/b still under warranty?
Using XP Pro with SP2 and all critical updates.

Kenny Cargill