View Full Version : Gigaraid driver question for 955X pro

Freddie Clark
December 23rd 05, 08:21 PM
I have just bought a GA-8I955X Pro motherboard. I realise that to install
the SATA raid I must press F6 during OS installation and load the driver.
However I will be using the Drives as follows.
My two Optical drives will be on IDE1.
My boot and data drives will be SATA
My two IDE drives will be on the Gigaraid IDE2/3. they will be run as
standard drives not Raid. Do I need to install the Gigaraid Driver through
the F6 method, or will they be recognised as separate drives without loading
this driver during installation of OS.
Will be using Win XP Pro SP2

On a separate note I will be installing this Mobo into a system that
previously had an Asus Mobo. I hope to just do a Repair Install of Win XP,
rather than a clean new installation. Anyone had any luck with this or
should I just go ahead and install to a clean HD. ( I understand this is
preferable, but I am hoping to keep everything as is).