View Full Version : Lousy Memory Bandwidth With 8S661FXMP-RZ

November 22nd 05, 04:09 AM
OK, It's not a cadillac motherboard and I'm using a 2.8 ghz celeron
oc'd to 3.5ish ghz. I've fished around for how other people have faired
with the not so mighty 661fx chipset and they seem to get benchmarks of
2000MBish/sec in the integer and floating point catagories. My not so
mighty machine is pushing 1700MBish/sec benchmarks. Sisoft sandra
insists my memory timings are whack. Any thoughts would be appreciated

8s661FX-RZ mobo sporting 2X512 MB Ram sticks, 2.8 ghz celly smoking at
3.45 ghz, lowly DMA 100 40 gig harddrive, beloved ati 9500pro
mascerading as a 9700 pro, sblive sound card.

November 22nd 05, 04:32 AM
I have same your closer ? 8s661FXMP-RZ one of fastest machine I've ever.
When I turn on straight to Windows XP in very few seconds...don't know about
your lousy memory...diffs hardware i guess...anyway I'm very pleased with
8s661FXMP-RZ and got other one recently soon to build for it :)