View Full Version : YAY - got my graphics performance back!

November 3rd 05, 11:09 AM
since reinstalling XP on my ssytem (with gefroce 6600) a while ago, I
have noticed a lot of demos, particularly the ones from the nvidia site
ran really slowly.

I tried reinstalling the nvidia drivers, different versions, defragging
the HD, but I still got sucky performance.

After installing one lot of drivers, I had a problem playing mpeg
files, whatever player I chose, it would just take over the system, (Ie
take about 99% of the cpu time), and not play it.

I could remember seeing this problem in previous weeks on here, so I
looked up the answers to see "install; the mobo AGP drivers", which I
did, and got my 3d performance back, and no problems wirh Mpegs..


November 3rd 05, 02:33 PM
Sorry about the double post - google told me there was a porblem, so I