View Full Version : Re: new nVidia card having problems with mpg/avi...?

Sharanga Dayananda
October 20th 05, 09:29 AM
I've had this problem with fresh installs of XP and nForce motherboards.

To fix it, I had to install the motherboard drivers from the original CD,
instead of using the latest download off nVidia. Once the motherboard
drivers are installed, after a reboot, the newer drivers off the nVidia site
can be installed.

Give that a go.

"bizbee" > wrote in message
>I just installed a new PCI video card with nVidia 6200. Downloaded the
> latest drivers, everything works fine, even games... except, suddenly
> it won't play mpeg or avi files...? It starts the MediaPlayer up
> (MP10--I'm using XP, by the way), and it just says "connecting" at the
> bottom. But that's as far as it ever gets. The machine slows down and
> even the mouse becomes sticky and slow. I've also tried opening these
> files with another app with the same result. Everything worked fine
> before the new card. Seems like some kind of conflict to me, but I've
> no idea what. Any ideas on this? Thanks.