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Paul King
September 25th 05, 01:41 PM
Hey everyone,

I'd like to ask your advice, or at least the advice of all of you who are either interested in, or already involved in, creating income from the internet.

I'm not exactly experienced in on-line money making, in fact all I've managed so far is money losing! I don't suppose anyone gets it completely right first time so I'm sure you all know what I mean. Probably my failings are due in no small part to me and my own efforts, or lack of them. I know I've been guilty of not giving things a fair chance when I've not got the results I want straight away. Lesson number one learned - don't give up!

Through my trials, tribulations and abject failures I also learned lesson number two. No matter how good the product, you will never make a dime if people don't get to see it. So the product, be it MLM, E-books, Affiliate programmes, Club memberships or whatever does not really matter. What makes a success of your venture is traffic, traffic and more traffic.

I recently came across a site giving away a free audio book, with a guy who's currently making a mint on-line talking about how he does it. His secret is all about getting massive numbers of people to see your product. I guess it's all a numbers game. No matter what I decide to try next I think my success will depend on me getting my offer in front of the maximum number of people. There will always be someone who will buy a product no matter what it is, so to do the simple math: The more who see = The more who will buy = Big smile on my face.

Now for the advice please. Do you agree with the angle I'm taking and if so any pointers you could offer would be very gratefully received. And please, if you have got something like this working, share it! There's plenty to go around.

I'm not greedy. I know that there is more than enough out there for all of us if only we can figure out how to get our hands on it. A comfortable living will be more than enough to keep me happy. Do I believe ordinary people can make extraordinary money on-line? Sure I do. The so-called Gurus are no different to the rest of us. They just got a break somewhere that the rest of us didn't get yet.

Anyhow, if you would like to check out the free audio book I mentioned you can find it here:

Please take a look and it would be great to know what you think, about this and about any other effective methods you know to generate traffic.

Thanks for your help and best wishes


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