View Full Version : Dell Nvidia FX5200 w/dual DVI monitors

September 22nd 05, 10:25 PM
We have Dell GX270s with their low-profile Nvidia FX5200, which has one
DMS-59 connector. Uses a splitter to drive either 2 VGA or 2 DVI
monitors. (Two different splitters.) Windows XP SP2. When we were
using the VGA spitter with one CRT and one LCD things were fine. Now
we've got some extra LCDs so we swapped some over to the DVI splitter
with to LCDs. Problem is that we cannot get any signal to the number 2
monitor. We swap monitors, cables, primary/secondary, etc but nothing
is coming through. And this in on both machines that we tried.

We updated to the latest Nvidia drivers but no luck.