View Full Version : speculation: Apple wants to make its own media-hub game console with a CELL-style processor from INTEL

August 3rd 05, 03:38 AM
keep in mind the following is pure speculation:

based on this article I just read:
http://www.realworldtech.com/page.cfm?ArticleID=RWT072405191325 (go ahead,

it sounds like Apple & Steve Jobs is threatened by Playstation3 ~ Xbox 360,
forcing Apple to concider making an entertainment platform of their own.

The alliances between Sony IBM Toshiba (the CELL processor for Playstation3)
and IBM-Microsoft (the Xenon processor for Xbox 360) leaves both Apple and
Intel out in cold as far as the next generation game consoles that will
attempt to take over the living room, and take profits away from the
personal computer markets ( PC and MAC)

Therefore, with Apple's new partnership with INTEL, Apple might seek to
create a new digital media-hub entertainment platform ( a game console of
some kind ) using a new multi-core processor architecture from Intel -- a
processor that is not unlike CELL, but one that is better than Cell.
Obviously if this happens, such a processor would be at least a half of a
processor-generation beyond Cell, if not a full generation beyond Cell. -
therefore, a potential Apple console would arrive in time to do battle with
Playstation4 and Xbox3, or perhaps strike in the middle of the coming
console cycle, somewhere inbetween Xbox2/PS3 (2005-2006) and Xbox3/PS4
(next decade) which could means an Apple console later *this* decade.

Apple's rejection of the Cell processor might be because Apple does not want
to use a Sony-IBM processor for Apple's potential new entertainment
platform. If Apple did use CELL, it would make Apple a second rate
partner in the STI alliance, something that Apple cannot stomache.
therefore, it makes sense for Apple to work with its new partner, Intel, on
a new processor architecture of their own, to one day challenge Sony and

even though this is basicly speculation and guesswork, that is, Apple making
a new game console / entertainment platform to take on Sony and MS,
remember that back in 1999, there were rumblings that Microsoft was going to
enter the living room entertainment / game console market with a system of
their own. at that time, it was pure speculation & rumor. but within 2
years, the Microsoft Xbox was on the market.

If Apple does try, it would not be their first attempt. The Apple Pippin
was their half-hearted attempt at a digital entertainment game platform,
which failed miserably. but Microsoft has shown that it is possible to
enter the videogame console industry as a new player. I believe Apple
will follow in Microsoft's footsteps within the next 3 to 6 years.