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July 26th 05, 07:22 PM
Highlander wrote:
> snipe < yikes!

Please don't crosspost so much; go run a damn news site or blog for
cripes sake.

Also, the key term here is polys per second. The N64 used this to
artificially inflate it's performance. 100,000 fully textured polygons
per second turned out to be more like 10,000 per frame in real life
(usually 6 to 9k at a poor framerate).

Take that PS2 figure. At 60fps constant, you have 1.1 million
polygons per frame rendered. Of that, roughly divide it by 3 for fully
textured and lit polygons and you have a good number per frame: 360,000
polygons (far far more realistic). That doesn't take into account
fillrate, memory, and bandwidth, or even the developers knowledge of the

From what we know of a 7800GTX geometry performance though, I'd say
were in for some very high poly games with the RSX, especially with the
zbuffer culling, early out, etc. These make a big difference at high
resolutions in PC titles.

July 28th 05, 10:46 PM
JBDragon wrote:
> LAME, with a lot of PS2 bullcrap specs that never came to be. Yada Yada Yada
> <Highlander> wrote in message ...
>>reading the internet can be very informative - from scrolling through
>>several message boards found out that ATI has said that if the Xbox 360
>>graphics processor (Xenos) was doing nothing but working on geometry, it
>>could calculate in theory, a maximum of just over 6 and a half billion
>>polygons per second. how does this compare to the old PS2? the PS2 can
>>calculate a maximum of 66 million polygons per second with its Emotion
>>Engine CPU (since the PS2 graphics chip is not a GPU and therefore cannot
>>calculate/transform its own polygons.) In the area of simply
>>transforming / calculating polygons, the Xenos GPU in Xbox 360 is 100
>>times more powerful than PS2's Emotion Engine. notice the wording there,
>>I did not say Xbox 360 is 100 times more powerful than PS2. I gave
>>specific comparisons.
>>now we all know that PS2 cannot display 66 million polygons on the screen
>>in games. likewise, the Xbox 360 cannot display 6.5 billion polygons on
>>the screen in actual games.

It's a 7800 pretty much. The RSX is basically the same with slighly
lower core/mem clocks. You already know what it can do. As long as the
Cell can feed it fast enough it should be great.