View Full Version : ASUS N7800GTX/2DHTV vs. N6800Ultra/2DT ???

Giovanni Azua
July 19th 05, 02:23 PM
Hello all,

Despite the fact that the newest N7800GTX features slightly
faster GPU and memory speeds is still lower in price
than the previous serie (?) N6800 Ultra makes me wonder ...
additionally the card does not look with the ultra mega cooling
system I would expect as requirted for reaching those speeds
declared ...




Any tests or comparisons around? opinions?

I have been waiting now for 4 months to see the 6800 Ultra
lower its price so I could get one :) but up to know it costs
exactly the same ... but what the heck! if the newest model looks
better and cost the same ... ?

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards,