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  1. SSE/2 on Athlon XP
  2. Many many errors...
  3. Re: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL when using cool'n'quiet in Windows XPPro. SP2
  4. Supermicro H8DCE - Mixed Processors - System Halted
  5. Intel announces "Nehalem" - 8-core CPU with mem-controller + graphic capabilities
  6. Win2k vs Winxp64
  7. Fastest AMD 939 X2 or FX processor?
  9. 64x2 6000
  10. athlon-64 x2 memory question
  11. AMD slashes processor pricing today!!!!!
  12. Intel presentation reveals the future of the CPU-GPU war
  13. Fastest 939 X2 Processor?
  14. AMD-ATI Radeon "HD 2000" series - R600 has 320 Stream Processors, 512-bit memory interface
  15. Memoery speed with Athlon 64 X2 3800
  16. Adding memory
  17. Baffling problem with Asus M2N32-SLI based machine
  18. Asus M2N SLI Deluxe /w AMD 64 X2 5200+
  19. 64bit vs. 32bit cpu's for an SE7525RP2?
  20. DDR vs. DDR2
  21. how far can i go (cpu)
  22. BIOS flash mapping
  23. Repair Hard drive mbr Help
  24. K8HM PSU EPS12V SSI 3.51
  25. AMD-ATI 'Xenos' GPU shifts to 65nm for Xbox 360 this fall (re: it gets smaller & cooler)
  26. New release of sys_basher, hardware exerciser
  27. NDA-smashing AMD-ATI R600 / Radeon HD 2900 benchmarks, info and pics
  28. 64x5600
  29. LZCNT Instruction
  30. Please suggest: Dual AM2 machine, 32 gigs, ibm/dell-like support
  31. Next generation AMD to be called "Phenom"
  32. AMD R600 Architecture and GPU Analysis (long read)
  33. AMD-ATI R700 GPU speculation + future direction of AMD CPUs & GPUs
  34. Sockets
  35. How hot should it run
  36. FX57 or X2 3800+
  37. Pacifica enabled AM2 CPU/ Motherboard combination?
  38. amd sempron cpu: break down easily?
  39. installing a new processor
  40. W2K recognition of Ath 64 3800X2
  41. NVIDIA claims it's close to 1TFlop for 4Q 2007 (rumored G92)
  42. need a battery for my old 486
  43. AMD Athlon 64 FX-74 4x4
  44. AMD Processor Upgrade Advice... Please
  45. Intel 'Larrabee' GPU: 16 Cores - 2GHz - 150W - Nvidia Partnership(?)
  46. Entering SMM
  47. Any systems with FX-74?
  48. Computex 2007: Intel planning to enter discrete graphics card market in 2008
  49. Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring... join in!
  50. Questions on AMD Athlon 64 X2 3200+ 939 CPU temperature limits...
  51. memory
  52. AMD Athlon64 X2 3600+ Overheating
  53. Running a large Java program
  54. good bios disassemblers
  55. Best bang for the buck
  56. bios chip
  57. New 7900GT causes goofy BIOS, etc
  58. What's a reasonable CPU temp?
  59. Mobo Brands and models, good and bad
  60. installing a AM2 heat sink
  61. Problems Installing XP-Pro on Asus MB P5S800-VM
  62. Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939 + Opteron 185 // Possible?
  63. AMD Announces the Resignation of Dave Orton, former CEO of ATI
  64. AMD 5600+ runs too hot - why?
  65. Win98SE AM2 mATX board?
  66. AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+ (Windsor)
  67. Best heatsink/fan for amd 5600+
  68. AMD's R700 codename is Wekiva, is multi-chip, has a better memory controller. my thoughts
  69. New quads and the sockets in which they will work?
  70. 65nm 'Falcon' X360 50% cheaper to manufacture - future 45nm X360 may enable a smaller, redesigned Xbox360 ala PSOne & PSTwo
  71. CPU Upgrade
  72. CPU and MB temprature too high??
  73. fan
  74. pshufb
  75. AMD Talks ATI Radeon 3000-Series / R700
  76. Question on Opteron PowerNow Driver
  77. Bios table upgrade for the AMD 690G Chipset enables HD decoding
  78. Info ref Cleaning AMD socket
  79. AMD PowerNow With Windows 2003?
  80. Brisbane vs. the world
  81. Performance: Opteron 150 v.s. Athlon 64 x2 4400+ for LAMP server?
  82. AMD Tech Day at Develop 2007
  83. AMD 6400 When?
  84. Nvidia having problems with its upcoming flagship NV55 / G92 / GeForce 9800 GPU
  85. Adobe.CS3.Master.Collection 4DVD, Adobe.Premiere.Pro.CS3 1DVD, QuarkXPress.7.3.Passport 1CD, software for depth of market DOM, other 2007/August/17 new programs
  86. AMD mobile 3400 no post!
  87. What happened to AMD's Core 4 desktop cpu's?
  88. Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Wndsor running too hot??
  89. problem in porting 32 bit application in x64...
  90. Demand for AMD R600 and Nvidia G80 higher than expected
  91. Intel's Quad-Core Yorkfield is a Ray-Trace monster
  92. Nvidia's G92 GPU does not get a 512-bit memory bus interface - they stay with 384-bit
  93. SSE Extension Wars
  94. BIOS update on Compaq GX5050 (MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum). Info not aquestion
  95. AMD Quad core when???
  96. AMD Fusion to match current mid-high graphics performance ?
  97. processor damaged?
  98. Fastest AMD system for gaming?
  99. NVIDIA GeForce 9800 ~ G92: over a billion transistors, 512bit memory bus ?
  100. AMD developing ATI R700, R800, R900 and R1000 architectures
  101. Laptop Turion 64x2 High Temp...
  102. Asus P5K Deluxe Wifi or Asus Blitz Formula?
  103. Intel's Larrabee - A candidate processor for NEXT generation game consoles
  104. CPU Temperature
  105. geode nx ???
  106. AMD/ATI scores a significant victory over Nvidia in G92 vs RV670 battle
  107. Tilera to Introduce 64-Core Processor
  108. Watch NFL Games Online
  109. Nvidia aims for 3 TFLOPS in either Tri-SLI or dual-GPU GeForce 9800 ?
  110. floating point speed compare of AMD and Intel chips
  111. New release of sys_basher
  112. My CPU fan failed
  113. Linux fails to boot when upgrading memory to 4GB
  114. Re: Socket AM2 motherboards -- best chipset for Linux, BSD?
  115. Re: Firewire -- on-board vs. add-on card -- performance the same?
  116. Re: Socket AM2 motherboards -- best chipset for Linux, BSD?
  117. Re: Socket AM2 motherboards -- best chipset for Linux, BSD?
  118. sys_basher version 1.1.1, system stress test for *nix systems
  119. Nintendo America President mentions the next-generation of DS and the next-generation of Wii
  120. IBM, AMD, Nvidia, Intel Talk The Future Of Gaming Processors
  121. GPU Computing: Intel's Larrabee - AMD's Fusion - NVIDIA's Tesla + CUDA
  122. flash bios reprogramming exploits
  123. Mplayer for Linux
  124. Re: "Xbox 2011" - predicting the NEXT generation Xbox
  125. Re: "Xbox 2011" - predicting the NEXT generation Xbox
  126. AM2 Athlon64 chips with no virtualization
  127. Re: "Xbox 2011" - predicting the NEXT generation Xbox
  128. Re: "Xbox 2011" - predicting the NEXT generation Xbox
  129. Re: "Xbox 2011" - predicting the NEXT generation Xbox
  130. Dual Cores Showing as Singles
  131. New website
  132. price difference 939/AM2
  133. Re: "Xbox 2011" - predicting the NEXT generation Xbox
  134. keyboard/mouse programming
  135. Quadcore
  136. Hi, I am new and looking to hookup
  137. Sempron vs P4
  138. Re: Rambus aims for 1 TeraByte per second memory bandwidth by 2010
  139. Re: Rambus aims for 1 TeraByte per second memory bandwidth by 2010
  140. Re: Rambus aims for 1 TeraByte per second memory bandwidth by 2010
  141. xp64 bit
  142. Does this CPU have Overheat Protection?
  143. Thermal protection??
  144. AMD confirms that the ATI R680 GPU is indeed two RV670 GPUs on oneboard
  145. [email protected]#K. AMD conceeds highend graphics market to Nvidia in 2008 - noATI R700 series until 2009
  146. AMD "Cool N Quiet" no longer clock throttling
  147. Re: Intel talking to Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony about TFLOP chipsfor NEXT generation game systems after being locked out of current-gen
  148. 861003 - AMD64 & memtest86
  149. 128-bit floating Point
  150. Southbridge speeds
  151. Complete upgrade (CPU, RAM, MBoard etc.) question
  152. AMD XP2000+ reduced speed A7V333
  153. Where is 2MG cache AMD x2
  154. What is the chip set for AMD xp 1900 ?
  155. AMD Phenom Cold Boot Issues
  156. Videos: Extraterrestrial World Contact (June 6th)
  157. IBM Takeover of AMD Speculations Arise
  158. Anyone playing games with a high-end video card on a low-end Athlon 64 X2 system?
  159. Re: NVIDIA to Acquire AGEIA Technologies -- PhysX PPU on Future GeForce GPUs ?
  160. Nvidia's Ageia Purchase - Why Ageia matters - Next Generation SonyPlayStation GPU - Next Generation PC GPUs - Next Generation Console GPU -Nvidia Inside - Nvidia Everywhere
  161. Systems Availability of Systems Using Via Isaiah CN chip
  162. AMD / ATI RV770 and R700 to use GDDR5
  163. Get the best computers and software here for the lowest prizes!!!
  164. HP Pavillion a1610, 64X2 4200+, 2.2 Ghz upgrade. How and what?
  165. Upcoming & future Xbox 360 motherboard / chipset revisions are:Jasper, Opus and Valhalla - The Valhalla to have 65 or 45 nm combined CPU-GPUin 2009
  166. Microsoft has been 'Hiring People Like Mad' for third-generation'Xbox 720'
  167. You Get What You Want. People Get What They Need.
  168. Does an upgrade from AMD Athlon Duo Core2 4000+ to AMD 6000+ make sense?
  169. Upgrade Opteron 285 to 890 Is this possible?
  170. Keyboard lights blink constantly - no video
  171. Host id changes on amd dual core TL-50 machine
  172. What CPU voltage fluctuation is typical?
  173. GA-K8NF-9 can't install xp 64 on 160 GB WD
  174. Phenom comments
  175. stylish laptops going cheap
  176. Tech classified xbox, psp ps3, computer laptop, iphone ipodcellphone, and more
  177. Best socket A mobo
  178. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Opens A Can of Words on Intel
  179. Nvidia, Intel no longer appear to be prospective partners
  180. TESTING SPAM FILTER [email protected]
  181. X5482 screams?
  182. 3800+ X2 Runs Internet Explorer 7, 4800+ X2 Locks Up.
  183. RAM question...mixing sizes?
  184. sell adaptor, charger, camera, DVB-S, car mp3
  185. Question from a Newbie
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  193. SecondLevelDataCache
  194. Intel Larrabee - Rasterisation Focus Confirmed - It'll run DX11 games- Not just for Raytracing
  195. AMD planning 45nm 12-Core 'Istanbul' Processor ?
  196. Finally, info on AMD RV770 (Radeon HD 4850, 4870) and R700 (HD 4870X2)
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  202. AMD preps graphics bomb for Nvidia - New Radeon 4800 series will bethe fastest GPU ever
  203. Summer will bring a GPU war
  204. totally block flash popup questions
  205. test for HyperV (Windows 2008x64 virtualisation) and AMD Athlon compatibility
  206. CPU temp difference between 2400 and 2700
  207. IBM announces PowerXCell 8i
  208. rumor: Nvidia GT-200 (GTX 280) a significant miss on Clock, GFLOPSand Yields
  209. GeForce GTX 260, GTX 280 (GT200) vs Radeon HD 4850, HD 4870 (RV770)
  210. 1 or 2 MB cache - how much performance difference?
  211. new AMD R700 - Radeon HD 4870 X2 info
  212. Part of the shroud of mystery around Intel's Larrabee to dissipate @SIGGRAPH 2008
  213. Roadrunner Supercomputer using 12,960 CELL Processors Hits 1 PetaFlop(1000 TeraFlops) of double-precision FP Performance
  214. AMD RV770 / Radeon HD 4800 has 800 Stream Processors, not 480.
  215. AMD to take back graphics crown from Nvidia ?
  216. FA: Athlon 64 x2 4600 Socket 939 version, plus heat pipe cooler
  217. NVIDIA GT200 GPU and Architecture Analysis
  218. More AMD RV770 / Radeon HD 4850/4870 details
  219. My X2 5400 is running too hot
  220. all hardware information
  221. Intel Larrabee GPU / GPGPU based on the old P54C Pentium ?
  222. ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 - R700 Preview: AMD's Fastest Single Card
  223. Intel Larrabee will have 32 cores, not 16 or 24
  224. 370 Humingbird GPS 37036
  225. Is AMD doomed?
  226. Welcome! - Free Software Foundation
  227. all hardware study notes here
  228. intel e1300 vs amd 4400+
  229. free hardware books here see
  230. Looking for a good AMD Duo Core and small mobo combo
  231. empolyment
  232. Intel details future 'Larrabee' graphics chip
  233. TheInquirer: 'Why AMD should merge with Nvidia'
  234. what' the difference
  235. cad
  236. amd motherboard support od DDR3
  237. Phenom 9850 Temperature Control
  238. Why a 64 bit CPU when all my software is 32 bit?
  239. 64x2
  240. 65w vs 125w
  241. X2 vs X4
  242. H E A L T H W A R N I N G
  243. Athlon X2 6000+ ram upgrade?
  244. Upgrade Bios
  245. Seeing performance differences on single vs multi-core
  246. Mandriva Linux 2009.
  247. AMD's RV790 refresh to go up against Nvidia GT200B
  248. Q&A with AMDís Rick Bergman on the graphics sweet spot
  249. asus abmzn-la mobo, help find or replace plz!!!
  250. Athlon XP/MP vs. Phenom